“A work of art is never completed – it is continuously recreated by the interpretation of each individual who views it, derived from their personal memories, emotions and inner being, beyond conscious reason and thought”

– Anize de Lange –



Because my art has a voice, the story shall be told.  

Once I learned to bloom from the same wounds from which I once bled, my scars became my art.  In this, I chose the road never traveled before – mine.

While I prepare my environment to be in accord with my next project, the temperamental ocean is wrestling outside my doorstep, the flamboyant sky constantly changes gowns and the retiring yellow sun gracefully flaunts her exit along the silver aqua horizon.  In the presence of music to carry today’s mood and the fragrance of nature in the air, I surrender to the company of all my senses.

I find the sensation of creativity insatiable – this is where I feel my pulse.  Each piece I create is an intimate extraction and expression of the love, the sorrows, the riddles, the ecstasy, the wisdom and the dreams, which life bestows upon me – depicting aspects of our profound existence.

In the absence of formal art training,  my style does not wear a label and is not confined by prescribed terms and rules – remaining loyal to my authenticity.

A few short years ago, at the age of 47, I started embracing my gravitation to art, when it served a significant role in my recovery back to health on all levels.  Through my work, I strive to guide those who are trapped in lonely places, physically and mentally, to places where accord can be found – reaching out to those who ask in silence.

Each piece is signed, sealed and delivered, with hopes of them radiating love and harmony, wherever they might reside across the globe.

My ability to feel, is my privilege –  letting others feel, is my gift.

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Cape Town  –  South Africa